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Accumulation Tables

MTF Technik - Accumulation Tables

Accumulation table in stainless steel version (of all parts that get in contact with the product) with height- and angle-adjustable scraper for supply management.

MTF Technik - Accumulation Tables

Accumulation table with spiral attachment.

This version serves to buffer parts on smallest space.
The spiral attachment consists of stainless steel, the rotary plate is of multiplex with polyester coating to reduce abrasion for accumulation mode.

MTF Technik - Accumulation Tables

Accumulation table made of stainless steel with with wipers

MTF Technik - Accumulation Tables

Accumulation table for introduction of parts

MTF Technik - Accumulation Tables

Accumulation table with plating made of PE for buffering sensitive turned parts

Accumulation Tables are used for the short-term storage of materials of different types. They are, for example, often used behind packaging machines when bags must subsequently be packed by hand.
They can likewise serve as an intermediate buffer between two processing steps.


Behind a bag packing machine, packaged food products are to be moved to a manual packing station. Since the workers at the packing stations also carry out logistical tasks, overproduced amounts must in the meantime be carefully buffered for a short time. The products should not fall against each other and should be tendered to the workers ergonomically for further processing.


  • High-torque planetary gear motor with frequency control for adaptation to the production amount
  • Made completely out of stainless steel for use in the food product industry
  • Stable, height-adjustable base for optimal positioning and ergonomic work height

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