Multi-Separator integrated into outlet chute


  • Plastic parts shall be separated shot by shot from the sprues

  • No space available besides the injection moulding machine

  • As far as possible no conveyor belt should be used


  • A specially aligned Multi-Separator, integrated into the outlet chute of the machine

  • Geometry of the hopper including the fixing points can be adapted to the existing injection moulding machine

  • A speed controller or motor protection switch is supplied with a separate fastening plate to be fixed by customer.

  • Screw, height of screw can be chosen according to parts to be separated

  • This solution is available for BOY 22, BOY 35 and BOY 55

  • Depending on the geometry of other machines the separator can be aligned (needs to be checked)

Anguss-Separator integriert im Maschinenausfallschacht zur Separation von Kunststoffteilen