Small Conveyor Type IL-I2P

Straight Belt Conveyor

MTF Technik - Small Conveyor Type IL-I2P

Straight Small Conveyor Type IL-I2P as machine discharge conveyor from a stamping tool, with flange drive and 20mm lateral guiding profile

MTF Technik - Small Conveyor Type IL-I2P

Small Conveyor Type IL-I2P with extra belt support and 8-fold track splitting and stainless steel channels at the belt outlet. This device serves to distribute injection moulded parts in 8 different containers, depending on the type of cavity.

Straight small conveyors, which are used as e.g. discharge conveyors from narrow machine or tooling shafts, are often equipped with the underframe type I2P. This consists of a stable steel platform with on-screwed aluminium profiles. The belt body is also screwed with steel sheets between the aluminium profiles.
This device allows for a large height adjustment range alongside the vertical profiles. The conveying angle can be continously adjusted between -60° and +60° and therefore allows for a simple adaptation to varying tasks.

In case of longer conveying tracks (horizontal or with inclination) underframes any amount of underframes can be mounted alongside the conveyor frame and be individually adjusted in height. This allows for a compensation of steps in the floor.

The lateral connection of the underframes to the conveyor frame allows for conveying tasks on various levels, where conveyors are mounted as a stack - even in different inclinations.

Product Information
Small Belt Conveyors


Small conveyors with a nominal width up to 350mm max. are often equipped with an underframe of type I2P in case of standard tasks. The underframe consists of a stable steel plate with screwed-on vertical profiles of anodised aluminium. With longer conveyors, several underframes can be mounted alongside the belt body.

  • Use as favorable solution for small conveyors
  • Stable basic plate of steel for a low gravity centre and therfore more stability for small conveyors
  • Available in moveable and fixed version
  • Large adjustment range alongside the vertical profiles of the underframe
  • Constant angle adjustment between -60° and +60°

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