Separation Drum Type 307 B with Silicone/Rubber Cage

Perforated Drum

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - MTF Technik Fördertechnik

Perforated drum Type 307 B with silicone cage and catch plate at the drum exit for pre-deburring of hot Duroplast pieces.

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - MTF Technik Fördertechnik

Perforated Drum Type 307 B with rubber cage for acoustic insulation and parts protection. Equipment with inlet chute for 90°-feeding.

Special separation drum type for separation, for example, of plastic pieces (from sprue) that are the same in height but differ in surface area. Also well suited for separation of stamped pieces from stamp remnants. Thus the smaller pieces fall through the holes, while the larger pieces continue to the output side. The height and tilt of the drum are infinitely adjustable.


Special needs require special solutions. Surface-sensitive and hot pieces can, for example, be separated in a silicone drum.
This version - also as a rubber drum - is also suitable for the pre-deburring of Duroplast pieces. The fine Duroplast skins, which often cling to the pieces after the removal from the forms, can be perfectly pre-deburred in drums with reversible turning direction in combination with special sloughing media.

  • MTF develops countless special solutions in the area of separation technology depending on the problem at hand
  • Our extensive facility in the pilot plant allows tests with your sample pieces


*Height and angle of the drum are simply and infinitely adjustable

  • High-quality, high-performance and high-torque planetary gear motors for constant or infinitely adjustable drum speeds

  • Swivel intake slide with cushioned polyamide coating

  • Covering and function panels from anodized aluminium or galvanised steel (V2A on request)

  • The drum cages are easily exchangeable

  • Stable, bright galvanized double-column base with four locking wheels

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Perforated Drum Type 30xx

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MTF Technik Fördertechnik - MTF Technik Fördertechnik

The drum cage consists of 1.5mm strong sheet steel, plastic-coated, galvanised or stainless steel.The respective hole diameters depend on the items to be separated.

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Video: Separation with perforated drum Type 307 B

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