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Conveyor GL-Special

MTF Technik - Conveyor GL-Special

MTF Technik - Conveyor GL-Special

This is an offer for two identical conveyors which were built for demonstration purposes. They are in a mint condition. Each conveyor is equipped with 3 belts of 70mm width.

Belt length: 1,100mm
Nominal width: 450mm
Useable width: 450mm
Useable belt width: 3 x 70mm
Guiding profile height: 0mm

Belt covers
MTF-No.: 11
Material: PVC petrol sleek
Temperature resistance: -15°C to +80°C

Drive units
Type: AK
Worm gear motor with constant belt speed

Belt speed: 5.0 mpm
Motor power: 180 W
Voltage: 400V
Frequency: 50Hz

Base frame

Serial No.: 24912, 24913
Ident. No. 451174, 451175
Construction Date: 2016

Price: On request

MTF Specialist

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