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Belt Conveyor Type GLD-LD 070

Straight Dosing Conveyor

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GLD-LD 070

Dosing Conveyor Type GLD-LD 070 with large feeding hopper

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GLD-LD 070

Straight conveyor GL-LD 070 with big feeding hopper for dosed supply of plastic parts into a grinding mill. The conveyor is equipped with a metal detector for protection of the mill.

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GLD-LD 070

Bunker Conveyor Type GL-LD 070 in fully encapsulated version for feeding a vibration conveyor at an assembly Automat (Automotive).

MTF Technik - Belt Conveyor Type GLD-LD 070

Steep mill feeding conveyor type GL-LD 070 with integrated area metal detector and slewable outlet chute, adapted to limited space conditions.

This belt conveyor features a big feeding hopper. These conveyors are also called 'batching belt conveyor', 'bunker conveyor', 'hopper or funnel belt conveyor' or 'feeding belt conveyor'.
Conveyors of this design are used in many different industrial sectors. They are used when bigger amounts are fed at once and then are conveyed to the subsequent process in smaller subsets.

Product Information

Straight Conveyors Type GL


Steeply conveying bunker conveyors are used for the batched feeding of parts to subsequent processes. The often very large attachment hoppers require a safe standing. This is ensured by the underframe type LD 070 with closed transport frame.

  • Application with steeply standing batching belt conveyors for the batched feeding of bulk materials
  • Stable base frame for safe standing
  • Large angle adjustment range
  • Extreme belt inclines are possible

Application Examples

In the plastics industry, sprues are collected at the production machines and filled into the feeding hopper of the conveyor belt in one go. From there, the total amount is conveyed to a grinder slowly and in small quantities (Note: The grinder would 'choke' if too much material entered at once).
In the plastics industry, parts with sprues are produced by an injection moulding machine, then collected in a box. In a separate process - e.g. in a MTF separating drum - the usable parts are separated from the sprues. Similar to the grinder, the separating drum has a maximum throughput, and therefore the feeding of the parts has to be batchwise.
These belt conveyors are used in many different production processes when batched feeding of bulk material is necessary, e.g. for the feeding of vibrating containers on assembly machines, burring machines, cleaning processes, etc.

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