Conveyor Technique, Separation Systems and Automation for the Metal Industry

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The remarkable MTF quality, the well-thought-out solutions and the robust offering of complete devices make them a reliable partner in harsh manufacturing devices. MTF Technik offers a multitude of industry-specific solutions for presses, aluminum and zinc die-cast works or turning and milling works that meet the hardest requirements.

Specific MTF Industry Solutions

  • Small belt conveyors for carrying parts out of the smallest tool shafts or out of tool machines
  • Cut-resistant, oil-resistant and/or high-temperature-resistant belts
  • Belts with applied wave edges or longitudinal rails to avoid part hooking and belt damage
  • Magnetic belts for the transport of sharp-edged ferrous pieces
  • Steel hinged plate belts for part temperatures up to 350°C
  • Belt conveyors with seamlessly woven special belts for part temperatures up to 350°C, e.g. for robot depositing of die-cast components after removal from the forms
  • Wire mesh belts for the highest temperature, e.g. in the forging sector or for heat treatment uses
  • Separation drums and sloughing drums for the separation of product pieces from sprues in aluminium and zinc die-casting
  • Special accessories for separation drums such as soundproofing, strengthened bases, etc.
  • Chip conveyors as belt conveyors, magnetic conveyors, or hinged plate conveyors
  • Bunker conveyors for the measured conveyance of small pieces to assembly machines (e.g., screws)
  • Motor-driven brushes and scraping devices, to avoid product adhesion to the belt
  • Magnetic separation drums for quality control (e.g., for metal-plastic bindings)
  • Feed belts for abrasive finishing devices