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Conveyor Technology for Pharma, Clean Room, Food

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Because of their sophisticated construction as well as the high-quality materials, MTF products are very well suited to use in a clean room or environments in which cleanliness, easy cleaning, good accessibility, avoidance of wear and reliability are important. Here MTF Technik has outstanding know-how and offers advice for the planning and conception of conveyor technology as well as automation projects. A sound projection, including meaningful documentation, is thus for us a matter of course.

Not least, the attractive design of MTF products provide a clean impression in a clean production environment.

Industry-Specific Solutions by MTF Technik

  • Conveyors with versatile configuration options for adaptation to special requirements (belt coverings, material requirements, etc.)
  • Subsequent avoidance of wear by incorporation of high-quality components
  • Small conveyors in the realm of pharmacy automation with especially light drives and belts for installation in sales rooms
  • Conveyor devices for concatenation of multiple production devices in clean rooms
  • FDA-compliant belt qualities, if necessary with wave edges or longitudinal rails for the avoidance of relative movements
  • Uptake devices, buffer and deposit stations in clean room-appropriate designs
  • Separation devices for separation of product pieces and sprue in the production of pharmaceutical plastic products
  • Removal of static charges through ionization devices
  • Smooth surfaces on the MTF devices for simple cleaning
  • Special surface coatings for special requirements
  • Product-stabilizing pieces made from anodized aluminium or stainless steel
  • Well-considered drive concepts (avoidance of coolants, motor exhaust, etc.)
  • QA switches made of stainless steel for installation in injection moulding machines