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Accessories for Conveyors

Please find information about available accessories and special features for conveyors, separation and automation devices from MTF Technik.

MTF Technik - Covers


A cover made from polycarbonate or aluminium can be fitted over the belt top surface in order to protect the goods (e.g. medical items) optimally against contamination.

MTF Technik - Scraper Brushes

Scraper Brushes

Scraper brushes in various designs are available in order to remove transported goods or contamination from the belt cover.

MTF Technik - Fender


Fender made of flexible materials for a perfect sealing between belt and lateral supports and prevent parts from getting stuck.

MTF Technik - All-Metals Detection Technology

All-Metals Detection Technology

All-metals detection technology is used ahead of granulators and shredder plants in order to prevent expensive repairs.

MTF Technik - Pressure Roller

Pressure Roller

Pressure rollers are used for separating drums with high exposure by the weight of separation goods. They help to press the drum cage on the driving wheel and thereby prevent a slip-through.

MTF Technik - Drive Unit (reinforced)

Drive Unit (reinforced)

Reinforced drive units are constructed for the individual application and device.

MTF Technik - Dropping Slide

Dropping Slide

Telescopic dropping slide, e.g. at the outlet of reject chutes or conveyor handovers.

MTF Technik - Outlet Chute

Outlet Chute

Slewable outlet chute at the outlet of a separation drum to direct the material flow.

MTF Technik - Manual Override

Manual Override

Robot deposit conveyors are often equipped with manual overrides, in order to convey parts from a protective housing towards an operator.

MTF Technik - Operation Surveillance

Operation Surveillance

The deflexion roller of a conveyor is scanned via a proximity switch and gives a signal per rotation to a superordinated control.

MTF Technik - Belt Tensioner

Belt Tensioner

Parallel conveyors, positioned very close together, are equipped with belt tensioners that stand out to the front.

MTF Technik - Manual Control Elements

Manual Control Elements

Our devices are equipped with individual control elements for easy operation.

MTF Technik - Labelling


Our technical documentation includes a clear identification and labelling of drive units, sensors etc.

MTF Technik - Floor Locking

Floor Locking

Floor lockings provide for a repeatable floor positioning of the MTF-devices.

MTF Technik - Diagonal Struts

Diagonal Struts

Diagonal struts provide for extra stability of the base frames.

MTF Technik - Encoder Connection

Encoder Connection

Deflection roller with protruding shaft extension for connecting an incremental encoder.

MTF Technik - Sewed Endless Splicing

Sewed Endless Splicing

The endless splicing of the belt can be stitched up, in order to increase the resistance and temperature stability of the belts.

MTF Technik - Baffle Plate

Baffle Plate

Baffle plates are usually mounted at the inlet of a conveyor. They are mostly positioned slidingly above the belt and prevent that incoming goods fall from the conveyor. The photo shows a model for reverse operation, controlled via an electric cylinder / lift magnet.

MTF Technik - Smooth Body Motor

Smooth Body Motor

For cleanroom applications. For preventing air turbulences by motor fans and for easy cleaning.

MTF Technik - Limit Switches

Limit Switches

Mechanically operated limit switches ensure the monitoring of the transport of boxes.

MTF Technik - Bend Covering

Bend Covering

Bend covers made of stable aluminium cast are a perfect sealing of the bend geometry and therefore provide for a hem-free transport of the conveying goods.

MTF Technik - Ionisation Devices

Ionisation Devices

Conveyors and separators are equipped with ionisation devices from various manufacturers, in order to prevent operators, machines and products from harmful effects of electrostatic discharge.

MTF Technik - Ball Roller Table

Ball Roller Table

Ball roller tables serve to handover containers, e.g. boxes

MTF Technik - Longitudinal Covering

Longitudinal Covering

The longitudinal covering above the corrugated edges - here in stainless steel version - can be applied in case of fixed conveyor angle. The coverings prevent the goods from getting behind the corrugated edges.

MTF Technik - Magnetic Drive Roller

Magnetic Drive Roller

Magnetic drive rollers are used in conveyor belts to sort out metallic impurities in the material. They are maintenance-free and do not require a power supply.

MTF Technik - Scale


Scale at the separating shafts for easy, quick and accurate adjustment.

MTF Technik - Transporting Cleats, tapered

Transporting Cleats, tapered

Laterally tapered transporting cleats prevent jams between cleats and lateral guidance.

MTF Technik - Transporting Cleats, diagonal

Transporting Cleats, diagonal

Transporting cleats can be diagonally positioned towards the conveying direction, e.g. in order to align round components to one side or to turn them away from the belt. Further use with water conveyors.

MTF Technik - Transporting Cleats, sewed-up

Transporting Cleats, sewed-up

For further stabilisation, transporting cleats type SG can be additionally sewed-up at the foot with the belt.

MTF Technik - Motor Protection Switch

Motor Protection Switch

Motor protection switch with emergency stop button - standard equipment for devices with constant speed.

MTF Technik - Emergency Stop

Emergency Stop

Emergency-stop switches serve to stop a movement instantly - combined with a suitable control unit.

MTF Technik - Pneumatic Components

Pneumatic Components

MTF conveyors are often equipped with pneumatic components, e.g. a stopping or centring device or for directing the conveying flow.

MTF Technik - Pneumatic Shutter

Pneumatic Shutter

The shutter closes the outlet of a Multi-Rounder chute e.g. if the material supply cannot be interrupted during the change of position.

MTF Technik - PU-Spray Coating

PU-Spray Coating

Hoppers, slides etc. can be coated with a resistant PU-spray coating in order to protect parts and/or reduce noise.

MTF Technik - Rolling Knife Edge

Rolling Knife Edge

The rolling knife edge is used for the troublefree transfer even of smaller parts to subsequent conveying systems.

MTF Technik - Roller Bar

Roller Bar

Roller Bar for supporting the belt in the return run in case of wider belts. If applied, the cleats have to be divided.

MTF Technik - Slide Sheets

Slide Sheets

The slide sheets below the separating drums can be furnished with various materials (e.g. PU white) - on customer request.

MTF Technik - Sound Protection Hood

Sound Protection Hood

Sound protection hoods are used for separating drums in order to reduce the noise level, e.g. in the die casting industry.

MTF Technik - Screws


Screws inside of a perforated drum help to slow down round parts or help to transport the parts forward when the drum is positioned horizontally.

MTF Technik - Interfaces


Interfaces between MTF-devices and production facilities at the customer are defined for each individual project.

MTF Technik - Protection Plate

Protection Plate

Protection plate at the cable outlet of a drum motor.

MTF Technik - Higher Lateral Guiding Plate

Higher Lateral Guiding Plate

Lateral guiding plate made of anodised aluminium, mounted at the inner side of the guiding profile

MTF Technik - Sensors


Different sensors like reflection light-scanners, light barriers etc. can be used for monitoring the transportation process or to check the positioning of parts.

MTF Technik - Belt Tensioner Cover

Belt Tensioner Cover

The black plastic caps are covering the adjustment fixtures integrated to the guiding profile.

MTF Technik - Stored Program Control (SPC)

Stored Program Control (SPC)

An SPC system, in combination with the relevant sensor elements (e.g. light barriers) can be used for the ideal implementation of various conveying applications.

MTF Technik - Restriction Bar

Restriction Bar

Restriction bars are mounted e.g. at the belt outlet in order to prevent that the goods fall down or to centre containers.

MTF Technik - Restriction bar, pneumatic

Restriction bar, pneumatic

Pneumatic restriction bars are used e.g. for container centering and positioning at transfer points between two conveyors.

MTF Technik - Power Socket

Power Socket

Power socket mounted at the belt body, e.g. for connecting a separating attachment.

MTF Technik - Cleat Compartment Cover

Cleat Compartment Cover

Cleat compartment coverings at the belt inlet of inclined conveyors prevent that goods fall from the belt and facilitate the depletion of the conveyor.

MTF Technik - Cleat Protection Skids

Cleat Protection Skids

Skids mounted below the belt body serve as cleat protection.

MTF Technik - Stop Cylinder

Stop Cylinder

Stop cylinders serve to position the conveying goods. The stopper runs in front of the conveying goods.

MTF Technik - Parts Centering

Parts Centering

Parts are centered on the belt by means of resilient plastic cleats.

MTF Technik - Separating and Track Sheets

Separating and Track Sheets

Separating and track sheets are used in order to separate the conveyor route into different tracks or e.g. (as shown in the illustration) to convey the parts to one side.

MTF Technik - Transfer Hood

Transfer Hood

Transfer hood at the belt outlet for targeted direction of parts.

MTF Technik - Transfer Roll

Transfer Roll

Sometimes, transfer rolls are used for handing over small parts from one conveyor to another, in order to minimise the gap between the conveyors.

MTF Technik - Transfer Chute

Transfer Chute

Transfer chute in adjustable version for transferring small parts without a rolling knife edge.

MTF Technik - Ventilators


Fans and ventilators serve to cool down parts during the conveying process.

MTF Technik - Gapping Cylinder

Gapping Cylinder

The gapping cylinders are mostly equipped with a pressure plate which has an adhesive cover. This plate presses laterally on the goods in order to accumulate , resp. draw a gap between the goods.

MTF Technik - Adjustable Lateral Guidings

Adjustable Lateral Guidings

Adjustable lateral guidings allow a close guidance of the goods, resp. an adaptation to varying sizes of goods.