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Code of Conduct

MTF Technik - Code of Conduct

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are an important part of our corporate culture. At the same time, this Code of Conduct defines the principles of our actions with regard to our responsibility towards our customers, employees and suppliers as well as the environment.

1. Discrimination

Any discrimination regarding recruitment, remuneration, access to further training, promotion, the termination of a working relationship, or retirement based on gender, age, religion, race, caste, birth, social background, ethnic or national origin, nationality, membership in a workers’ organization including trade unions, political membership or views, sexual orientation, family obligations, marital status, or any other status, is prohibited.

2. Observance of Human Rights

We respect the internationally applicable human rights within our sphere of influence. In particular, we respect the dignity and the personal rights of our employees and any third parties that we have business contact with. We request that our suppliers do not supply us with materials that were mined or processed in conflict zones, as their production or extraction may involve human rights violations.

3. Anti-Competitive Trade

We support free and fair competition and also expect from our suppliers that they do not make anti-competitive agreements and also that they do not abuse their market-dominating position.

4. Protection of Environment

We commit to complying with the applicable national environmental laws, regulations and standards, and to maintaining a responsible attitude towards the use of our natural resources. Our raw materials are selected according to their levels of environmental protection and occupational safety and we avoid using particularly hazardous chemicals. The proper disposal or recycling of waste is second nature to us.

5. Fair Working Conditions

We provide a safe and healthy working environment and take effective measures to avoid and prevent any potential accidents and damage to the health of our employees in connection with our operations. Our employees are instructed to avoid behavior that could put either their own health and safety, or that of another personal, in danger. We bear responsibility for fair remuneration and guarantee the legal or standard minimum wage. The observance of maximum working hours as defined by the law is guaranteed.

6. Freedom of Expression

The right to freedom of opinion and expression is guaranteed.

7. Child and Forced Labour

According to the provision of the conventions of the ILO (International Labour Organizations), the United Nations, and international legislations, child labour is forbidden. We are explicitly against any type of child labour and reject all deliberate use of forced labour. The rights of young workers must be protected. The minium age for admission to employment depends on the regulations of each federal state.

8. Fighting against Corruption

We do not support any form of corruption. Any type of corruption, extortion, and bribery is prohibited and if a case becomes known to us it will be stopped immediately. Any type of illegal contribution given with the goal of being awarded a contract or dubious benefits will not be tolerated by us. Our employees are obliged to make every effort to prevent corruption in their sphere of influence.

9. Confidential Obligation

All information, knowledge, any documents made available to us by third parties and information about relationships with third parties will be handled by us with the strictest confidentiality. All employees are obliged to remain silent about internal processes. The reproduction and/or passing on of documents, records, and data to third parties in any manner whatsoever that is not in the best interest of our company, is explicitly forbidden.