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For more than 40 years, MTF Technik is your partner for conveyor technology, separation systems and automation. We offer innovative solutions for the internal material flow - at the highest standards of quality.

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MTF Technik - NEW: Mobile sneeze guards for protection against corona

NEW: Mobile sneeze guards for protection against corona

Against the background of the current situation, we have included transparent protective screens against the corona virus in our product range. With these protective screens, we can use the expertise gained in the construction of PET safety casings for our devices.

In customer contact at the counter in public authorities, shops, medical practices and pharmacies, it is often not possible to maintain the necessary distance of 1.5 metres between the conversation partners to prevent virus transmission through droplet infection.

To solve this problem, MTF Technik offers a mobile sneeze guard made of PET material. It is simply placed on the counter between the conversation partners and thus significantly reduces the risk of infection.

The transparent protective screen is available in two versions, in 60x90 cm and 90x60 cm sizes, each with a small pass-through and two feet.

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Solutions for the Internal Material Flow

MTF Technik - Conveyor Technique

Conveyor Technique

MTF Belt Conveyors are hard to beat in terms of versatility. Due to the great variety of different belt materials, drive units, bases and accessories the conveyors can be used in almost every area of industry and for a broad range of conveying tasks.

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MTF Technik - Separation Systems

Separation Systems

Separation Drums serve the spatial separation of pieces of different sizes - especially the separation of injection-moulded pieces from sprues in plastic finishing or in the die-casting industry.

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MTF Technik - Reject Chutes

Reject Chutes

Reject chutes are generally mounted below the tool of an injection moulding machine and serve to separate the material flow. A further field of application is the use below a stamping machine. The body of the reject chute consists of stable welded stainless steel.

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MTF Technik - Automation


MTF Technik offers various customised solutions for automatic container filling, as container changeover systems, storing devices and buffering stations. Based on our conveyor systems and separation devices, we develop complete automation facilities for connecting different processes.

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Conveyor technique for diverse industries

MTF conveyor technology is used in a wide variety of industries. Here you will find a few of these industries with their special requirements, application examples and industry solutions.

Conveyor Technology in Detail

During the last 40 years, we have developed various technical solutions in order to provide reliable, flexible and functional products. Here are some of the most important solutions:

MTF Technik - Intelligent Bending Technology

Intelligent Bending Technology

The bending technology of MTF conveyor belts allows a continuously variable negative (NL) and positive (PL) angle and height adjustment; in all three versions: NL, PL and ZL.

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MTF Technik - Multi-Tech Profile Technology

Multi-Tech Profile Technology

The MTF Multi-Tech Profile Technology, consisting of a self-supporting aluminium double crossbeam construction, is a "revolution" in conveyor belt engineering.

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MTF Technik - Patented Belt Tensioning Mechanism

Patented Belt Tensioning Mechanism

By means of a patented constuction design all angled Multi-Tech belt conveyors are provided with an absolutely constant belt tension over the entire angle range from 0° to 60°. This mechanism optimises the tracking ability of the belt without additional guidance and prevents the belt from warping in the bend area. In addition, the surface pressure is reduced, which avoids abrasion and wear.

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Conveyor belts directly from the manufacturer – MTF Technik offers customer-specific solutions at the highest technical level

MTF Technik is your competent and experienced partner for conveying technology, separation systems and automation. Whether you need conveyor belts, separators, reject chutes or systems for automated container filling and so on, we can provide you with individual solutions of the highest technical quality.

Our research and development technology can be used in a wide range of industries. Whether plastics, metal, pharmaceuticals, electronics, logistics, paper and packaging or automation and mechanical engineering; if you want to buy a separation system or conveyor belt, we develop solutions based on your specific wishes and requirements. This ensures that the conveyor system is fully adapted to the specific tasks in your company.

With us you can obtain customer-specific solutions directly from the manufacturer. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal for a detailed consultation. Please contact us by e-mail: or via our contact form and this; we will be pleased to take time for your request. Our sales representatives may visit you on site to get an optimal overview of the task at hand and the local conditions and framework conditions.

Your individual conveyor system according to your requirements

Whether belt conveyors, belt conveyors, small conveyors, magnetic conveyors, apron conveyors, steel mesh conveyors; if you would like to buy a conveyor belt, we are your experienced expert. You will receive your conveyor system directly from the manufacturer and suitable for a wide range of applications.

No matter what requirements you have for your plant; we offer individual solutions at the highest technical level. Just let us know your wishes; we will be happy to make you a tailor-made offer.

Alternatively, you can also use our product configurator and design your individual conveyor belt according to your requirements. Here you can select all desired features, such as dimensions, input and output height, belt specifications, drive unit, underframe and other extras in a modular system.

You can download your customer-specific product as a PDF data sheet with 3D model in various current CAD data formats and forward it to us for checking and preparing an offer.

Multi-Tech belt conveyors

Our Multi-Tech belt conveyors convince by their special versatility. Due to the large selection of different belt materials, drive units, underframes and attachments, these conveyor belts can be used in almost all industrial sectors for a wide variety of transport tasks.

Small conveyors

If there is little space available for a strong band, we recommend a small conveyor from the I-Tech range. These compact belt conveyors with a low overall height of only 30mm and an optimal ratio of nominal width to useable width allow the integration of the conveyor belt

Magnetic conveyors

MTF Technik's magnetic conveyors are used, for example, to transport ferritic chips, punching scrap or sharp-edged metal parts. If you buy a magnetic conveyor belt, you benefit from a purely magnetic transport process without clamping processes; in addition, the magnetic conveyor system is maintenance-free.

Steel hinged plate conveyors

Our steel hinged plate conveyors are particularly reliable and also ideally suited for a harsher environment. These heavy-duty hinged steel conveyors are used in almost all areas of metal processing and in the plastics industry for transporting very hot products.

Wire belt conveyors

We offer wire belts with steel or stainless steel mesh, optionally as round or flat wire with different wire diameters and pitches. You can buy this conveyor belt, if very hot parts have to be transported or if the transported goods have to be cooled or liquids have to drain off. The wire cloth allows a perfect air circulation. The material is also very robust and ideally suited for heavy duty use.

Comprehensive service from MTF Technik

MTF Technik offers high-quality and customer-specific solutions directly from the manufacturer. You can rely on many years of experience and professional know-how. Over the last 45 years we have developed numerous technical solutions in the field of research and development technology and are therefore able to offer you reliable, flexible and functional solutions according to your requirements.

We would be happy to advise you in detail about our product range and show you the different possibilities.