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The Specialist for Materials Handling Technology.

According to the credo "We convey you to success", MTF Technik has been your specialist for materials handling technology since 1975.

With our broad portfolio of belt conveyors, separation systems and automation equipment, we create functional solutions for your individual task.

Let's optimise your internal material flow!

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Our Range of Materials Handling Systems

MTF Technik - Conveyor Technology

Conveyor Technology

MTF Belt Conveyors are hard to beat in terms of versatility. Due to the great variety of different belt materials, drive units, bases and accessories the conveyors can be used in almost every area of industry and for a broad range of conveying tasks.

more about belt conveyors

MTF Technik - Separation Systems

Separation Systems

Separation Drums serve the spatial separation of pieces of different sizes - especially the separation of injection-moulded pieces from sprues in plastic finishing or in the die-casting industry.

more about separation systems

MTF Technik - Reject Chutes

Reject Chutes

Reject chutes are generally mounted below the tool of an injection moulding machine and serve to separate the material flow. A further field of application is the use below a stamping machine. The body of the reject chute consists of stable welded stainless steel.

more about reject chutes

MTF Technik - Automation


MTF Technik offers various customised solutions for automatic container filling, as container changeover systems, storing devices and buffering stations. Based on our conveyor systems and separation devices, we develop complete automation facilities for connecting different processes.

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Special Offers for Stock Devices

Here we present our special offers for stock devices: conveyor belts, separating equipment and automation systems, e.g from trade fair applications or exhibition equipment. These conveyor belts and other demonstration devices are mostly as good as new and you can buy them at a favourable price. All stock devices and further information you can find here service/special offers.

Advisor for Conveying and Separation

What are the most common challenges in the area of conveying and separation? What do you have to consider with special materials to be conveyed? Which application is the right solution for your problem? Our Advisor presents answers to many burning issues in conveying technology.

Conveyor Technology for Various Industries

MTF conveyor belts, separation systems and automation solutions are used in a wide range of industries. Here you will find some industry-related case studies with their individual requirements and our solutions.

Conveyor Technology in Detail

During the last four decades, we have
developed and patented various technical
solutions in order to provide reliable,
flexible and functional products.
Here are some of the most important

MTF Technik - Intelligent Bending Technology

Intelligent Bending Technology

The bending technology of MTF conveyor belts allows a continuously variable negative (NL) and positive (PL) angle and height adjustment; in all three versions: NL, PL and ZL.

more about bending technology

MTF Technik - Multi-Tech Profile Technology

Multi-Tech Profile Technology

The MTF Multi-Tech Profile Technology, consisting of a self-supporting aluminium double crossbeam construction, is a "revolution" in conveyor belt engineering.

more about profile technology

MTF Technik - Patented Belt Tensioning Mechanism

Patented Belt Tensioning Mechanism

By means of a patented construction design all angled Multi-Tech belt conveyors are provided with an absolutely constant belt tension over the entire angle range from 0° to 60°.

more about belt tensioning mechanism