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Conveyor Technology for the Plastics Industry

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Since its founding, MTF Technik has had a close relationship with the plastics industry that continues to this day. The first MTF belts in 1975 were used for supplying injection moulding machines, and many other MTF developments like separation attachments and separation drums were generated by the problem formulations of this industry.

A majority of the current MTF product spectrum is optimal for use in the plastic-working industry. This applies as well to the injection moulding sector as to the blow moulding industry and applications in the area of extrusion. Whether Thermoplast or Duroplast, whether clean room completion or recycling - MTF offers comprehensive know-how for solving your problem.

Industry-Specific Solutions by MTF Technik

  • Conveyor technology for product pieces and sprues in a wide range of expressions for a wide range of tasks
  • Complete conveyor devices for automated processes from the machine to final packaging, including projection, control engineering and assembly
  • Modular system of MTF conveyors enables a flexible adaptation to a broad range of tasks
  • Large belt selection depending on the task (high-temperature-resistant or antistatic belts, FDA-approved belts)
  • Sprue separators as attachments to conveyor belts for separation of finished piece and sprue
  • Separation drums in a variety of types for sprue separation or, e.g., for pre-deburring of Duroplast pieces
  • QA sorting points as 2- or 3-way systems for integration in the injection moulding machine
  • Buffer solutions and deposit stations for unmanned production processes

Application Examples