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Distribution Device for Blow-Moulded Parts

MTF Technik - Distribution Device for Blow-Moulded Parts

Task: Distributing plastic bottles into containers

  • Various bottles are produced on a blow-moulding machine

  • The bottles are to be produced in unmanned shifts and automatically distributed and counted in a total of 20 large containers (each 1200x800x1700mm)

  • The are on which the containers are placed is to be freely accessible with a clear height of 2,300mm when the line is not in use

  • Filled containers should be able to be exchanged by the operator during the system run

Lösung: Kombination aus Z-Förderband und reversierbaren Bändern mit Multi-Roundern

  • Large Z-conveyor belt with raised guiding plates and PET belt covers for safe transport of the bottles to a height of approx. 3,500mm

  • A total of three straight, reversible conveyor belts, mounted on crane runways provided on site. Due to the suspension from above, the entire floor area of the container installation surface remains free.

  • Two of these are conveyor belts, each with two Multi-Rounders (rotary distributors) mounted at the belt outlets.

  • Sensors on the blow moulding machine count the bottles at the infeed of the Z-conveyor belt and feed them to the various containers at adjustable intervals.

  • Containers can be exchanged and acknowledged block by block via the control system.