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Separation Attachment Type SAL/SAR

Screw separation attachments

MTF Technik - Separation Attachment Type SAL/SAR

Separation attachment Type SAL 600 with left-handed PVC screw with fixed screw surface

MTF Technik - Separation Attachment Type SAL/SAR

Double Screw Separating Attachment for two-step separation process

With the use of the screw separator attachment "Type SAL/SAR," the larger pieces of the items to be separated are moved to the side with the help of the screw. Smaller pieces slide through between the height-adjustable run-off sheet and the screw roller. To increase the speed of the screw, a transformer can be incorporated. This increases the speed up to three times. To ease the separation, the screw roller can be furnished with spikes. The spikes are adjustable in length between 0 and 20 mm.
The exit can be to the right or to the left.

The drive is an integrated drum motor, independent from the conveyor. The parts can thus cool on the conveyor belt due to slow speed and still be separated with optimal speed - the speed is variable in 15 steps.

The separation attachment is subsequently attachable to MTF and non-MTF devices.


With the use of the screw separator "MSL / MSR," the larger parts of the items to be separated are moved to the side with the help of the screw. Smaller pieces slide out between the height-adjustable outlet slide and the screw roller.

  • Right- and left-exit separation systems with differing screw surfaces, lengths and heights available
  • Height of the separation gap comfortably and quickly adjustable with knurled screws
  • Has its own drum motor drive and is thus independent of the feed speed of the conveyor belt
  • Speed adjustable in 15 steps from 8 to 140 rpm
  • Overload protection prevents piece jams and injuries to operating personnel
  • Energy-saving drive with highly efficient planetary gear
  • Can be mounted separately on existing conveyor belts (including belts from other manufacturers)
  • Scraper above the screw prevents accidental skipping of pieces
  • Spikes in the body of the screw ease the pieces apart and thus optimise the separation process
  • Versatile tilt and angle adjustments possible without tools
  • Quick conversion for different piece combinations

Product Details

MTF Technik - Separation Attachment Type SAL/SAR

The screw profile itself is available in different heights and pitches. The design depends on the pieces to be separated.

MTF Technik - Separation Attachment Type SAL/SAR

An adjustable polyester scraper can be attached over the screw. This prevents pieces or sprues from getting stuck on the screw roller.

Application Examples and Tutorials

Video: Functionality of the Screw Separator Attachment SAL 600

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