Base Frames

The MTF Multi-Tech underframes provide flexibility and stability. The underframes, which also consist of individual modules, can easily be mounted at any belt body position. Depending on your needs, the underframes can be delivered in a stationary or a mobile version.

The easy set-up of the underframe to your MTF conveyor belt is effected by means of T-grooves provided in the guiding profiles.
The extremely high manufacturing quality of the steel frame and of the diagonal and cross struts ensure highest stability of the MTF conveyor belts.

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - HE 020

HE 020

Manually adjustable, lateral position at the conveyor belt, widely adjustable height. For large belt loads, the multiple version HM 140 is used.

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - HE 010

HE 010

Telescopic, single support in an H-shape, flush side ending with the belt body. Its multiple version HM 010 is used e.g. for deposing conveyor belts.

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - LD 020

LD 020

Closed underframe, which provides extra stability.

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - KF 010

KF 010

Supported on rails, continuous longitudinal and height adjustment of wheel modules. Used for angled conveyor belts fitted with a short, steep (high-angle) belt.

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - IE 010

IE 010

Gas pressure column, easy to adjust, attachment on one side of the conveyor belt.

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - TF 110 / HF 310

TF 110 / HF 310

TF 110: T-shaped centre support complete with integrated gas pressure spring, rails with fitted wheel modules, T-grooves for individual wheel adjustment.

HF 310: Version with two integrated gas pressure springs for easy adjustment for wide angular and Z-shaped conveyor belts.

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - AM 370

AM 370

Four or more height-adjustable supports, stationary design, particularly suitable for multiple-level conveyor belts.