Conveyor Technique, Separation Systems and Automation for the Paper and Packaging Industry

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The transportation of paper on conveyor belts requires, depending on concrete tasks, an exceptionally comprehensive know-how in the realm of conveyor technology. Jams must be securely avoided in order to ensure a disruption-free product transport.

Every kind of packaging made from every kind of material (paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, metal) can be transported with MTF conveyor belts without problems. On the basis of the comprehensive range of MTF conveyor technology, we can develop the right solution for practically any problem formulation.

Specific MTF industry solutions

  • Belts with wave edges and longitudinal rails in combination with special sealing mechanisms to prevent jams of transported goods
  • Antistatic belts to avoid product adhesion to the belt
  • Ionisation devices for discharge of static loads during transport of paper sections or sheets
  • Conveyor technology with integrated metal detection for testing of food packages
  • Avoidance of every form of seams for undisturbed product transport
  • Small belts for integration in packaging machines
  • Roller beds for carton transport