Pick-Up Station AUA 202 with Container Check and Filling Level Control

Task: Reliable buffering of filled bags in containers

  • Behind a packaging machine bag should be buffered in plastic boxes

  • The device should be used with box sizes 600x400mm and 400x300mm

  • Before the feeding process it has to be checked if one big box or two small boxes are in position

  • Before the feeding process it has to be checked that the boxes are empty

  • The device must have 8 positions (one position per 400x300mm box or two per 600x400mm box)

  • If a box is filled it has to be displayed optically

  • A change of boxes should be confirmed by the operator

  • The boxes have to be placed 800mm above floor level

  • The signals and the drive are controlled by a SPC at the customer's

Solution: Pick-up system in special design with buttons and sensors

  • Pickup Station Type 202 in special design with elevated carriage

  • Box presence check by means of light sensors

  • Box level filling control by means of ultrasonic sensors

  • Switching cabinet with confirmation buttons and 3-coloured light

  • Interface to customer's SPC