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Conveyor Technology for Automators and Mechanical Engineering

MTF Technik - Bild und Downloaddaten

MTF Technik provides a variety of conveyor belts and components for OEMs, automators and general mechanical engineering. A comprehensive modular system enables the quick configuration of the right solution for a broad range of tasks.

Our capable design department always quickly creates the appropriate 3D drawings to be able to provide our clients with optimal planning aids. So all optimisation potentials can be fully realised even in the projection phase.

Sound and competent projection, short and simultaneously reliable delivery times for qualitatively high-quality products make MTF Technik a dependable partner for mechanical and systems engineers.

Industry-Specific Solutions by MTF Technik

  • Small conveyor belts in diverse configurations for simple and space-saving integration in a wide range of machines (packaging machines, robot cells, processing centers, testing systems, etc.)
  • Deposit belts for robot cells, including the necessary sensors
  • Versatile belt qualities for a wide range of applications (antistatic, food-safe, cut-resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, accumulation-able, etc.)
  • Comprehensive product spectrum in the realm of conveyor technology (belt conveyors, magnetic conveyors, steel mesh belts, steel hinged plate belts, etc.)
  • MTF Multi-Tech belts with many standardised equipment modules
  • Conveyors with aluminium profiles with two side grooves for simple assembly of additional attachments, bases, etc.
  • Variable profile heights on the conveyors for a wide range of applications
  • Multi-faceted special solutions through combinations of conveyor technology with additional attachable devices (pneumatics, cooling devices, ventilators, humidifying elements, heating elements, sensors, camera systems, etc.)