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Special Separating Systems

Pieces to be separated are not always ones with differing sizes. It can also be necessary to separate different materials from one another or to separate good parts from bad ones.

Here, too, MTF Technik offers comprehensive know-how to solve demanding problems. The products and solutions are individually customized to the problem at hand. The projects displayed here therefore show only the smallest cross-section of the possibilities.

We are glad to examine your problem in detail and offer you individualized solution concepts.

MTF Technik - Magnetic Separating Drum

Magnetic Separating Drum

Magnetic Separating Drum

Metal inserts are sprayed in a plastic injection moulding machine and transferred in batches into a conditioning basin. Before shipping, it must be determined with 100% accuracy that only products with inserts are sent to the customers.

  • After the conditioning process, the products are always poured in batches into the feed hopper of the measuring conveyor belt.
  • The measuring belt carries the products "bit by bit" to the magnetic drum
  • Products with metal inserts are completely carried around the drum and fall into a provided lattice box. Products without metal inserts fall tangentially out of the drum into a reject box.

MTF Technik - Magnetic Conveyor Belt for Separation

Magnetic Conveyor Belt for Separation

Magnetic Conveyor Belt for Separation

Metal clips with plastic coating are to be tested. Only pieces with coated metal springs may continue to shipping. A 100% control must be assured.

  • Combination of a belt conveyor that lies below and a magnetic conveyor that stands above it.
  • Metal-containing pieces are attracted to the magnetic belt and carried into the good piece container.
  • Pieces without metal inserts are carried on the belt conveyor to the reject box.