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Conveyor Technology for the Electronics Industry

MTF Technik - Bild und Downloaddaten

Connectors, switches, sensors, housings, contact elements, circuit boards, etc. - millions and billions of such products are transported, buffered, deburred or sorted every year with devices from MTF Technik.

We know the special requirements in the electronics industry and offer a variety of customized solutions from the areas of conveyor technology, separation and automation.

Industry-Specific Solutions by MTF Technik

  • Belts with especially good antistatic properties for the transport of sensitive pieces (meets ESD requirements), in part in combination with antistatic brushes
  • Complete earthing of the whole conveyor belt frame for the best possible disposal of static charges
  • Integration of ionisation devices
  • Conveyor belts with integrated metal detector systems for core breach control in connector finishing
  • Separator drums in special configuration for pre-deburring of Duroplast housing parts (socket housing, circuit breakers, etc.)
  • Separator drums for separation of injection-moulded pieces and sprues, e.g. in the manufacture of socket housings

Application Examples