Multi-Separator 'Special' for Separating and Counting


  • To separate and count injection moulded plastic parts (cable connections and accessories)

  • The counting tolerance has to stay within +/- 1 %

  • It is not possible to count via machine impulses, as process safety in injection moulding cannot be guaranteed (congested mould cavities etc.)


  • Use of a non-standard Multi-Separator with a special light barrier

  • An adjustable rail made of PE is mounted in the feeding area, in order to convey the parts to the beginning of the screw roller

  • The screw roller is equipped with spikes in the feeding area, in order to mix up and separate the parts. The PE rail serves additionally as a wiper, solving any entanglements

  • There are no spikes at the outlet of the screw roller in order to provide a smooth transporting process

  • The underframe of the separator is adjustable in two axis, in order to ensure a perfect adaptation to different parts. In addition, it is adjustable in height.

  • The screw roller rotation is variable via a frequency converter. It can be parameterized in this way that speed is reduced in case 99% of capacity is reached. This is to provide an exact dosing

  • At the end of the screw roller the parts fall through a special light barrier which counts the parts during their free fall.

  • The analysis of the counting impulses is done in a separate control (e.g. Siemens Logo).

  • Of course, the device is useable as a standard separator without the light barrier and the PE rail