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Cooling Track for Chocolate Moulds

Task: Cooling down chocolate within a cooling tunnel

  • Chocolate moulds are transported in the lengthwise direction into a dosing station where they are filled with liquid chocolate

  • Afterwards the moulds have to be cooled within a 25m long cooling section. The minimum temperature within the tunnel is 6°C.

  • Inside the cooling section the moulds have to be transported in transverse direction with four moulds in one row

  • There must not be any gap between the moulds in order to allow an optimized filling level and to ensure the necessary process parameters

  • The maximum load on the conveyor is 1,200kg

  • Additionally the conveyor has to carry the tunnel construction with a total weight of 1,500kg

  • The moulds have to stay 45 minutes in the cooling section. It is important that the cold air reaches the moulds

  • Behind the cooling section the moulds have to be transferred into a demoulding station, where the chocolate is pulled out of the mould

  • Afterwards the empty moulds need to be transferred to the dosing station where the process starts again

Solution: Use of conveyor combination with steel mesh conveyors

  • Belt conveyors to transport the moulds lengthwise parallel to the cooling section

  • Two 90° belt curves to keep the orientation of the moulds when turning

  • Two belt conveyors with strong PU belt transversely in front of and behind the cooling section

  • Pneumatic pusher at the inlet of the cooling section

  • 25m long and 1,800mm wide stainless steel mesh conveyors in special design with optimized air permeability for the cooling section

  • Cooling conveyor with extra strong motor (more than 500Nm torque) and only 180W drive power

Watch the device in action

Application Video: Cooling track for chocolate moulds: delivery to cooling tunnel

Application Video: Cooling track for chocolate moulds - delivery from cooling tunnel