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Straight Conveyor with Pusher

Task: Buffering of plastic parts in containers

  • Alongside an injection moulding machine, plastic parts have to be buffered into three boxes of 600x400x400mm size

  • Empty boxes should be provided by a belt conveyor, filled boxes should be buffered on a roller conveyor

  • A three-color signal lamp should be used to visualize the system status. Failures should be announced by means of a horn

  • The complete unit has to be moveable and adjustable in height

  • Counting pulses of the machine have to be processed by a Siemens S7 control unit

Solution: Buffer belt with transverse pusher and roller conveyor

  • Buffering conveyor type GL-LD 010 with MTF belt No. 14 (suitable for accumulation conveying) is used for the supply of empty boxes

  • Pneumatic pusher at conveyor outlet is used for transferring filled boxes onto the roller conveyor

  • Light sensors for monitoring the box position and the buffer level

  • 3-color signal column with integrated horn between the two conveying lines

  • Control unit integrated into the underframe for maximum protection

Watch the device in action

Application Video: Buffering boxes from conveyor via a pneumatic cross slider to a roller conveyor