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Robot Feeding Conveyor for Caps

Task: Feeding of different caps to a packing robot

  • Caps with different diameters from an IMM have to be fed to a packing robot.

  • The caps have to be aligned in a certain packing scheme.

  • Defect / Rejected caps are to be ejected in front of the robot.

  • The control is done by the robot. A valve terminal is provided by the customer.

Solution: Feeding conveyor with accumulation and discharge device and buffer conveyor

  • A Multi-Tech conveyor type GL-AM 010 with adjustable side guiding serves as feeding conveyor.

  • Integration of stop with centering mandrels at the conveyor outlet.

  • Additional installation of pneumatic cap stopper and accumulating unit to build up the packing scheme.

  • Pneumatic discharge device for rejected parts is installed.

  • Box buffering conveyor typeGL-AM 010 incl. pneumatic positioning and singularizing cylinders incl. necessary sensors and operating elements.

  • All electric and pneumatic connections cabled to the valve terminal, controlled by the robot.

Watch the device in action

Robot Feeding Conveyor for Caps