Preconditioning Waterproof Conveyor


  • Thick-walled plastic parts (brush heads) fall from the tool of an injection moulding machine

  • The parts should be transferred to the operator side and transported into a box

  • After demoulding the parts should fall into a water basin

  • The parts need to be pressed under water for a certain time (preconditioning) in order to cool down, before falling into a box


  • Combination of two waterproof straight conveyors type GLW in an L-shaped basin

  • The L-shaped short limb of the basin is integrated into the machine bed, directly underneath the tool. So the parts drop directly into the water after demoulding.

  • Two jet pipes with individual adjustment of the water flowrate push the parts towards the inlet of the first, horizontal conveyor

  • The parts are pressed under water by means oft he cleats

  • The first conveyor is controlled by a digital clock timer with programmable run and pause times to ensure a certain preconditioning time

  • The second conveyor transports the parts into a box after the conditioning time

  • The basin can be connected to the cooling system of the machine

Watch the device in action

Application Video: Waterproof conveyor for preconditioning plastic parts