Interlinking of Conveyor Systems in a Clean Room

MTF Technik - Interlinking of Conveyor Systems in a Clean Room


  • Medical plastic parts are produced on two injection moulding machines and shall be transferred to an automatic assembly machine

  • The parts are conveyed out of the moulding machine by existing MTF-conveyors and a separating attachment separates the part from the sprue. Afterwards they pass a vibration chute which is equipped with ionising units. At this point the parts have to be picked up.

  • Optionally at both machines a buffering into two boxes shall be possible.

  • Only little space is available and passages between the machines are necessary.


  • Per machine a reversing I-Tech conveyor (Pos. 2 and 5), which guides the parts optionally to a pneumatical chute (Pos. 3 and 6) or to two NL-conveyors, specially designed.

  • The conveyors are indued with fixed 75°-bends in order to feed upwards very steep and create the necessary passages.

  • To avoid that parts fall backwards the belts are equipped with special cleats (additional ridge on top of the cleats). Furthermore in the elevating areas brakes are installed to prevent parts from falling back.

  • The conveyors are completely covered by polycarbonate.

  • The material transfers are detected by photo sensors for holdups of the material.

  • Specially aligned carriages for conveyors, compensators and boxes.

  • Stainless steel tubes at the outlet of conveyor in pos. 6 towards the existing feed hopper.

  • Siemens S7-controller incl. additional modules for on site evaluating of superior operating data.

  • The upper elevating conveyors are fixed to the ceiling by special fasteners.