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Linear buffer with roller conveyor incl. QA sampling

MTF Technik - Linear buffer with roller conveyor incl. QA sampling

Task: Removal of plastic parts at the SGM and distribution into containers

  • Small plastic parts for electrotechnical components shall be picked up on the operator side of an injection moulding machine and distributed and buffered in containers.

  • The system has to be suitable for filling containers with three different dimensions (box 600x400x320mm, box 400x300x220mm, cardboard box 379x210x140mm).

  • Quality shots are to be collected in separate bins 200x150x120mm ath selectable intervals.

  • The appearance of dumping cones in the large bins shall be reduced as much as possible.

Solution: Linear buffer with angled conveyor belt and roller conveyor, incl. 3-way reject chute for QA

  • Use of an angled conveyor type NL-HE 020 with PU belt incl. corrugated edges and covers to guide parts to the centre of the conveyor and to avoid parts jamming.

  • Installation of a PET belt cover in combined pluggable/slewable design.

  • Transfer hood at the conveyor outlet to guide the parts into a pneumatic 3-way reject chute with patented mechanism to avoid jamming of small parts.

  • The two zones above the container buffer conveyor can be controlled via the switch in order to prevent dumping cones in the large bins or, optionally, distribute into two small bins parallelly

  • The third outlet of the chute is used for discharging the QA-parts. For this purpose, an I-Tech small conveyor belt is mounted in parallel next to the buffer system, on which the separate bins are placed and buffered.

  • Integration of a Siemens S7 incl. interface to the production machine for controlling the entire process.