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Buffer Station for Plastic Parts

MTF Technik - Buffer Station for Plastic Parts

Task: Buffering of solid plastic parts in night shift

  • Plastic parts should be buffered in 22 boxes 600 x 400 x 400mm for a night shift without personnel

  • The available space is limited to 6m x 2m between the injection moulding machine and the wall

  • The parts (cover for air filters) are quite massive and need to be catched softly

  • Start-up parts and rejected parts need to be collected separately from the good parts

  • The system needs to be prepared for later expansions (box transport to load and unload the buffer from another room)

  • Before falling into the boxes the parts should cool down

Solution: Stable lift station with reversible conveyor

  • Reversible conveyor with strong polyester belt transversal underneath the tool. Good parts are transported into the buffer station, rejected parts are transported to the operator side of the IMM

  • Underneath the belt a soft polyester mesh helps to treat the parts with care

  • An angled conveyor laterally next to the IMM transports the parts into the upper position of the lift system. The conveyor is clocked in order to cool down the parts

  • Extrem stable lift station with two independent pneumatic cylinders with a stroke of 550mm each, max. load more than 100kg, max. box exchange time approx. 22 seconds

  • Siemens S7-control for the lift, the conveyors and the communication with the IMM

Watch the device in action

Application Video: Bufferung of heavy plastic parts (automotive) in a small space by means of a stable lift station with strong pneumatic cylinders

Application Video: Stability of the Multi-Tech Lift