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Encapsulated Transport of Sensitive Parts

MTF Technik - Encapsulated Transport of Sensitive Parts

Task: Transport of sensitive plastic parts from production to packaging

  • Sensitive plastic parts (automotive) have to be transported from the injection moulding machine to the final packaging

  • Rejected parts and start-up parts should be separated from runners and parts

  • Parts must not be damaged or polluted during the transport process

  • Parts must not fall on the floor

  • The setup of the devices must be reproducible (high level of standardization, avoiding of operator mistakes)

Solution: Material distribution with encapsulated and specially designed equipment

  • A 2-way selection clap mounted directly under the tool incl. completely encapsulated outlet chute

  • Inside the outlet chute plastic cascades slow down the parts

  • The clap inside the chute is made of plastics in order to get minimum slots between clap and chute body

  • L-shaped conveyor type NL-LD 120 with complete encapsulation (PET cover on top, bottom cover made of anodized aluminium) for the part transport into a separating drum.

  • Belt with alongside strips, hopper with special sealings in order to avoid part damages

  • Stainless steel drawer underneath the flat belt in order to catch parts which might stick to the belt due to statical charges

  • Closed conveyor inlet area

  • Perforated stainless steel drum type 305 B with pluggable PET cover (not displayed on photo)

  • Outlet diminution underneath the separating drum with flexible PU-stripes for exact guiding of the parts into the final packaging

  • Box centering underneath the separating drum made of anodized aluminium

  • All components are linked together via adjustable diagonal rods. The complete unit is also linked to the injection moulding machine

MTF Technik bietet Lösungen für den Transport besonders empfindlicher Teile, von gekapselten Förderbändern, ausgelegten Ausfallweichen und Separiergeräten