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Z-Conveyor with Separating Attachment

MTF Technik - Z-Conveyor with Separating Attachment

Task: Confined transport and separation of injection moulded parts

  • Plastic parts and runners have to be transported to the operator side of an injection moulding machine and separated afterwards

  • On the operator side there is only 900mm space available

  • Parts and runners should be collected separately in two boxes 600x400x270mm

Solution: Steep belt conveyor with screw separator

  • MTF Multi-Tech Z-conveyor Type ZLF-LD 070 in special design with an angle of 75°

  • Screw Separating Attachment Type SAL 600 in special design with special guiding sheet metals and outlet chutes

  • The separating attachment is mounted against the conveying direction in order to have the separating process below the upper flat belt section

  • Runners are transported via the screw into the upper box

  • Parts are guided by means of a closed chute into the lower box

  • The box support station is part of the project