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Filling station for boxes with integrated scale

Task: Removal and packaging and weighing of injection moulded parts in cartons

  • Various technical parts with a large number of cavities are produced on a fast-running injection moulding machine.

  • In the first step, the parts have to be transported away parallelly to the machine axis.

  • The products have to be packed into cartons after a certain cooling period, whereby the quantity has to be determined via a weighing process.

  • The machine should store a maximum of four empty cartons and four filled cartons (plus one carton in the filling position).

  • The available space at the machine is quite narrow.

Solution: Slim conveyor belt combination with container receptacles, scales and buffer roller conveyor

  • Machine discharge by means of an angled conveyor belt type NL-special with feeding hopper, increased lateral guidance as well as transfer chute mounted at the outlet for parts transfer to a succeeding conveyor.

  • Deposit onto a straight conveyor belt type GL, controlled via a frequency converter, in order to be able to cool down the components in a controlled manner and to enable fine dosing at the belt outlet.

  • The straight conveyor belt is mounted above a feed roller conveyor for empty cartons.

  • The feeding roller conveyor is equipped with pneumatic stop and separation cylinders to transfer the cartons individually to a scale conveyor.

  • Scale conveyor picks up one carton in the filling position. Each carton is tared after reaching the filling position and the filling process is started via the straight cooling conveyor.

  • When a certain percentage total fill is reached, the cooling belt switches to a lower speed to allow fine dosing. Once the target number of pieces is reached, the cooling belt stops and goes backwards for a short distance to prevent parts from falling unintentionally.

  • Then, the filled carton is transported on to the buffer roller conveyor.

  • Above the roller conveyor with the filled cartons, there is a label printer holder provided by the customer.