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Special Pick-Up System with RFID-Reader

MTF Technik - Special Pick-Up System with RFID-Reader

Task: Buffering of medical packaging in the clean room using RFID

  • A manufacturer of plastic packaging for pharmaceutical applications wants to buffer production material in aluminium boxes in a cleanroom ISO 8

  • A buffering capacity of three boxes with a footprint of 810 x 430mm is required

  • The customer uses three different box sizes with height of 210 / 330 / 490mm on which RFID-Transponder are mounted

  • The upper height of the boxes should be constant (take over from machine)

  • The RFID-Transponder needs to be deleted in a first step. In the next step new information has to be written on the transponder

  • The filling level has to be detected by means of a sensor (box empty / filled)

Solution: Reception system with adjustable container holder and RFID reader

  • Pickup-Station in special design with stainless steel turntable and height adjustable box support

  • Pneumatic-driven RFID-R/W Head for information exchange with the boxes

  • Height-adjustable box support and RFID-Head to adapt to different box dimensions

  • Pneumatic centering unit below the turntable to guarantee reproducible stop-positions