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High-Speed Conveyor for Optical Inspection

MTF Technik - High-Speed Conveyor for Optical Inspection

Task: Optical inspection by acceleration of granulate

  • High-quality plastics granulate should be transferred to an existing optical inspection system

  • The granulate needs to be accelerated in a way that if flies off the conveyor at the outlet in a discharge parabola

  • The granulate should be controlled during the "flight" by the optical inspection system which controls a bar with pneumatic valves to blow off any kind of contamination

Solution: High-speed conveyor belt for parts acceleration

  • Multi-Tech GL-Conveyor with a length of 4m and a nominal width of 1.100mm

  • Special belt with minigrip-structure and a special endless linkage for minimum vibration

  • Grinded and balanced drive roller and deflexion roller

  • Grinded an balanced rolls underneath the conveyor, equipped with O-rings for noise and vibration reduction

  • Outside-located bearing brackets for easy access and quick exchange

  • Special drive unit with SEW MOVIMOT motor and frequency converter, tooth belt drive, 1.5kW

  • Fortified carriage with several diagonal struts for extra stable stand

Watch the device in action

Application Video: Multi-Tech Conveyor with special drive unit, special belt, cushioning and reinforcements to accelerate the transport of plastic granulat parts. The parts are conveyed to an optical inspection.