Dual Track Conveyor with Reverse Function


  • An automotive supplier produces different plastic parts. In this particular case it is about left and right parts or bigger parts.

  • The products shall be placed on a conveyor belt by a robot.

  • The robot operates a 400VAC - socket to control a conveyor belt.

  • If left and right parts are produced a mix-up at the manual removal has to be surely excluded.


  • Two laterally encountered GL-conveyors with no side guidance at the abutting face and an 80mm guiding outside.

  • Both conveyors are equipped with drives for constant belt velocity plus a switch to reverse running direction.

  • The conveyors are suitable for enduring reverse operation by means of a compulsory guide of the belt.

  • While producing left and right parts, the conveyors run to different directions, thus the parts can be dispensed at different places. Though an unintentional mix-up is excluded.

  • While producing big parts the conveyors run into the same direction.

  • Both conveyors are assembled to one carriage and firmly fixed to each other. Through this a very tight package is possible.

  • Customer request was to have MTF belt no. 1. which ensures the parts are taken along easily.