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Conveying, Separating, Distributing Solution for Plastics

MTF Technik - Conveying, Separating, Distributing Solution for Plastics

Task: Transport, separation and distribution of sensitive parts

  • Various types of plastic parts and associated runners are produced on an injection moulding machine. The size difference between parts and runners is very small

  • The produced parts have to be separated from each other

  • The good parts are then to be distributed to three different containers (buffering)

  • The conveying section have to be protected against dust

  • A control system has to control the entire system incl. a further infeed belt

Solution: Closed conveyor combination with rectangle drum and distribution chute

  • An MTF I-Tech small conveyor transports the parts transversely from an injection moulding machine

  • An MTF Multi-Tech conveyor type NL-LD 120 with low flat belt area for the transfer of parts and runners from the small conveyor. The conveyor is covered from above with PET and has a close transfer house made of stainless steel for the parts line into the separating drum

  • Patented MTF rectangular separating drum type 3 R7 B for the separation of complex part/runner combinations. The good parts are smaller than the runners and fall downwards out of the separating drum. This ensures a 100% separation rate for the good parts. The patented mechanism guarantees that no jamming process can occur during separation. The smooth stainless steel body of the separating drum is easy to clean

  • Transfer of the good parts by means of a Z-angled conveyor type ZL-LD 120. The lower flat belt area is adapted to the transfer from the separating drum. The conveyor is covered from above by PET material

  • A 3-way distribution chute with pneumatic drive is installed at the outlet of the Z-conveyor. It works with the MTF patented rotary cylinder that prevents small parts from getting stuck

  • The entire system is controlled by a Siemens S7 controller, including the integration of all devices into the emergency stop circuit. Display of the operating states by means of plain-text display and 3-colour signal light

Kombination aus Förderband, Separiertrommel und Verteilsystem zum Materialhandling empfindlicher Kunststoffteile