Linear Buffer in Clean Room Conditions (Pharma)

MTF Technik - Linear Buffer in Clean Room Conditions (Pharma)


  • Plastic parts shall be conveyed into containers after injection moulding process.

  • Electrostatic charging shall be deflected.

  • The quantity per container should be pre selected by means of a counter

  • Angles of repose shall be avoided.

  • Empty containers shall be provided at the filling station.

  • The complete unit shall work in a an area similar to a clean room (controlled area)


  • A specially aligned feeding conveyor transports the parts our of the machine.

  • Integrated ionizing device with fan to deflect electrostatic charge of the parts.

  • Conveyor equipped with FDA-approved belt, additional longitudinal guides to avoid contact between conveyed parts and lateral guiding system.

  • As buffer for empty and filled containers a GL conveyor is aligned (Length, width, distance between cleats)

  • The length of this conveyor can be aligned to the available space.

  • Optical sensors detect the container positions and report if empty containers have to be led in and/or filled containers have to removed.

  • Adjustable cyclic operation of the buffer belt to avoid angles of repose.

  • Complete unit covered by polycarbonate.