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Pickup station with integrated weighing bridge

Task: Bunkering and packing of injection moulded parts in clean room

  • Medical technology products are manufactured on a high-speed injection moulding machine, 48 parts are produced per cycle (5s).

  • The machine is equipped with a laminar-flow module above the mold and is located outside a cleanroom.

  • The products are to be fed via an on-site quality chute onto an encapsulated conveyor belt, which conveys the products through a wall into a cleanroom.

  • Inside the cleanroom, the products are initially to be bunkered. The goal is to temporarily store up to 1,000 products.

  • In the second step, the components have to be packed into bags of approx. 5,000 pieces each. Thereby the products have to be filled into the bags in layers in order to achieve improved cooling. The intermediate bunkering step supports the cooling process.

  • Exact counting of the parts in the bag is not necessary.

Solution: Encapsulated conveyor belts lead to pick-up system with weighing function

  • Conveyor belt in encapsulated design with closed rear wall as well as stainless steel covering of the side guiding profiles, adapted to the task of the quality chute as well as with sealing to the cleanroom wall.

  • Conveyor belt combination as intermediate buffer, consisting of two straight conveyor belts. The lower conveyor belt moves very slowly and meters the components onto the second conveyor belt, which then transfers the components into the film bags at increased speed.

  • The conveyor belts are made of stainless steel in all areas that come into contact with the product. Thanks to the appropriate design, there are no abutting edges where parts can be damaged.

  • A cleat cover adapted to the cleat shape on the steep conveyor belt ensures that no parts can fall down to the floor.

  • Pickup station with stainless steel turntable and stainless steel bag holders with quick-clamping devices for bag fastening. The bag holders are loosely positioned on the turntable with centering bolts.

  • At the filling position, a pneumatically height-adjustable scale is integrated below the turntable. This lifts out the respective bag holder and tares the weight.

  • The conveyor belts are also controlled via the pickup system control unit (Siemens S7).

  • Once a desired (partial) quantity is reached in the bag, the pickup system rotates to the next position.

Watch the device in action

Application video: Pick-up system with integrated weighing bridge