Special Rotary Distribution System for Plastic Bottle Caps into Multiple Bulk Containers (Packaging)


  • Drinking bottle caps should be conveyed from an injection moulding machine into octabins of 2.10m height

  • The machine is designed to fill 5 octabins, with an option to be enlarged to 8 units

  • The parts should be cooled down on the conveyor as much as possible
    and must not be damaged or deformed during transport

  • Precise counting of parts is necessary

  • No material cones in the octabins

  • Electric charging should be discharged as much as possible

  • Rejects and parts for QA should be collected separately


  • A Multi-Tech Belt Conveyor Type NL-LD 120 with exceptionally stable belt in width

  • Every shot is collected within one cleat compartment

  • Cleats (flight bands) are perforated to ensure best possible air circulation

  • Cleat geometry and conveyor body are perfectly aligned to products, in order to prevent damages or entrapments

  • QA compartment integrated to the conveyor body

  • Adaptation of hopper geometry to the delivery chute of the machine

  • Use of extra thin stainless steel foils to discharge electric charging

  • Rotary distributor equipped with attached tube system

  • Comfortable Siemens S7-Control with various statistical functions and intelligent distributor programme

  • Integrated container for damaged goods with quick-change system for easy removal