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Multi-Linea Pick-Up System for Cleanroom

Task: Removal and buffering of pharmaceutical plastic parts

  • Pharmaceutical plastic parts have to be transferred from a printing machine into bags for buffering purposes

  • The device has to be suitable for cleanroom conditions, class ISO 8

  • Up to 340 parts per minute are produced

  • Every bag has to be filled with 1000 (+10 parts tolerance)

  • Two stations with extra bags have to be provided for sampling. The sample size is 33 parts (+1 part tolerance)

  • The bags must not be buckled or inverted

  • The weight of one filled bag is 25kg

  • The buffer should have a capacity of 6 bags

Solution: Multi-Linea linear buffer with 6-fold bag holders

  • Multi-Linea in cleanroom design with 6 bag holders

  • Bag holders made of stainless steel with special bag clamping devices, FDA approved

  • Pneumatically controlled slidable sampling station for two bags

  • Ultrasonic sensor above the last filling station to avoid double fillings

  • Security strip for best operational safety

  • Special, cleanroom-qualified wheels and components with minimum abrasion

  • Inlet box with oscillatingly mounted Teflon baffle plate

  • Siemens S7 counting control