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Vertical Conveyor with Hopper

MTF Technik - Vertical Conveyor with Hopper

Task: Space-saving conveying of plastic parts between machines

  • Plastic parts are produced on an injection moulding machine and should be transferred to an assembly line

  • The assembly line is located very close to the injection moulding machine, so there is only very limited space available

  • On machine downtime of the assembly line the production must not stop and the parts have to be stored intermediately

  • When the assembly line is working the parts should be feeded automatically

  • It must be possible to manually unload the buffer (e.g. on longer machine downtime)

Solution: Vertical conveyor with collecting hopper

  • Combination of an angled conveyor type NL-HE 010 to transfer the parts from the injection moulding machine into the hopper of a vertical conveyor type PLF-Special

  • The vertical conveyor transfers the parts into the vibration hopper of the assembly line

  • A sensor at the outlet of the chute controls the level of parts in the vibration unit. On maximum level (adjustable) the conveyor stops. If the level has reached a desired level the conveyor starts again

  • The conveyor is controlled by a frequency inverter with a special software

  • On demand the chute underneath the outlet of the vertical conveyor can be manually swiveled to remove the parts out of the automatic process (e.g. on longer machine downtime)

Individual solutions for specific tasks

MTF Technik is an owner-managed family business with more than four decades of experience in the design, project planning and manufacture of customer-specific solutions in the field of conveying technology for various industries.

Vertical conveyors are used, for example, to link production machines if a passageway is to be created for employees. With a vertical conveyor with bunker, plastic parts produced on an injection moulding machine, for example, can be fed to an assembly line. Vertical conveyor belts are also used in clean rooms for conveying medical technology products.

Whether plastics, metal, pharmaceuticals, electronics, logistics, paper and packaging or automation and mechanical engineering; MTF Technik is your expert for everything to do with research and development, separation systems and automation. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions at the highest technical level according to their requirements. Please contact us for a detailed consultation; we will be pleased to make you an individual offer.

Watch the device in action

Application Video: Vertical conveyor type PLF-Special