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Linear Buffer for Extruded Plastic Parts

Task: Counting and buffering of extrusion parts

  • Plastic profiles are produced on an extruder. The profiles are each cut into pieces of 150mm length. Approx. 12 parts are produced per minute.

  • The products are to be taken over by suitable conveyor technology and then counted and buffered in containers.

  • The extruder runs continuously. The container change must not influence the extruder.

  • An exact counting result is to be achieved.

  • Consideration of necessary maintenance accesses to the production machine.

Solution: Linear buffer with folding roller conveyor and intermediate buffer for container change

  • A transfer conveyor belt takes over the products after the cutting device of the extruder.

  • The belt speed of the takeover conveyor can be continuously controlled via a frequency converter and adapted to the feeding rate of the extruder.

  • Transfer bonnet at the exit of the transfer conveyor with integrated frame light barrier for counting the products.

  • Pneumatic rocker with rear wall for feeding parts into the containers or optionally for intermediate storage when changing containers

  • Infeed conveyor incl. necessary sensors for empty containers. Provision of empty containers under the rocker

  • Divided gravity roller conveyor with integrated gas pressure spring and swiveling mechanism, so that part of the roller conveyor can be folded up vertically if required. This allows easy access to necessary maintenance paths.

  • Siemens S7 for controlling the entire process incl. interface to the extruder