Encapsulated NL-LD 020 Conveyor for Transport into a Clean Room


  • Pharmaceutical products shall be conveyed from an injection moulding machine into a clean room

  • Above the tool a laminarflow-module is installed. It ensures that the parts are always in a flow of clean air on the way from injection moulding to clean room. Thus the conveyor has to be capsuled accordingly.

  • The connection to the clean room has to be sealed

  • Belt finish according to FDA with side wall

  • Polycarbonate cover above and underneath of the frame

  • Adhesive parts shall be wiped off at conveyor outlet


  • NL-LD 020 completely encapsulated

  • Coasting carrying run to avoid abrasion

  • Upside covering from polycarbonate pluggable

  • Complete cover made from anodized aluminium at the bottom side including a closed rear panel with integrated maintenance flap from polycarbonate

  • Hopper aligned to existing separating chute at the machine

  • Lasered connecting sheet from anodized aluminium for easy connection of the conveyor to the clean room

  • Wiper underneath of the drive roller, integrated into lower cover