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Lift buffer system in cleanroom

Task: Automatic buffering of medical technology articles in containers

  • Medical technology parts are produced on a fast-running injection moulding machine (128 parts per cycle, cycle time approx.. 7 seconds).

  • The parts are to be cooled down from approx. 100°C to approx. 80°C. Approx. 30 seconds are required for this.

  • Start-up parts and QA parts are to be sorted out.

  • 6 containers 600x400mm are to be buffered, each of which is to be filled with 90,000 parts +/-1%. The counting shall be done by the ejection counter of the IMM.

  • The removal of the filled boxes shall be done at an ergonomic height.

Solution: Buffer conveyor system on 3 levels with turnout, small conveyor belt and lifting device

  • The good parts are separated from the rejects or QA parts via a 2-way chute.

  • The products are transferred in one cleat compartment for each cycle. Subsequently, the next cleat compartment is filled via a sensor below the conveyor belt.

  • The products fall onto a fully enclosed small conveyor belt, which can be moved longitudinally by a pneumatic cylinder. This conveyor is necessary to fill the boxes on the lowest lift level. For each lift movement, the small conveyor belt must first be retracted.

  • After the last cycle for the box in the filling position, the conveyor belt is cleared and serves as an intermediate buffer during the box change.

  • The sliding small conveyor belt also has the advantage that bulk cones in the container can be avoided, as different discharge positions can be approached.

  • An electric lift with connected belt conveyor buffering system with three levels provides the necessary buffer capacity. Production can thus be operated unmanned for a total of one shift (8 hours).