Small Belt Conveyors in the Clean Room (Automotive)

MTF Technik Fördertechnik - MTF Technik Fördertechnik


  • Plastic parts are taken from a injection moulding machine by means of handling robots and are laid down on a conveyor

  • The parts have to be transported into a clean room

  • The conveyor line should be covered by polycarbonate and be equipped with a pneumatical flap

  • It is necessary to transport right-hand parts and left-hand parts separately

  • The base frames have to be adapted to the work environment


  • Installation of a small belt conveyor, equipped with a white belt (FDA approved)

  • 2-parts cover made of 6mm polycarbonate with centered track separation, in plugged version

  • Pneumatically driven hinged flap at the outlet of the second cover

  • Special base frame in profile design, adapted to the existent production machines