Multi-Tech Conveyor with Integrated Tunnel Detector (Recycling)

MTF Technik - Multi-Tech Conveyor with Integrated Tunnel Detector (Recycling)


  • To supply plastic parts via a belt conveyor to a big cutting mill

  • The parts are placed manually on the conveyor belt

  • To integrate a tunnel detector in the steep belt part in order to protect the cutting mill from metallic parts


  • PL-Conveyor with a steep belt length of 8,000mm, an upper flat belt length of 2,000mm and a nominal width of 1,000mm

  • Constructive adaptation of the conveyor design to the geometry of the cutting mill

  • Special design of the whole conveyor construction for a perfect integration of the tunnel detector (Isolation of frame and rolls, stable metal-free zone, belt cover in the return run, special carriage)

  • Tunnel detector with a clear height above the belt cover of 535mm