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Intelligent Bending Technology

MTF Technik - Intro

The patented Bending Technology for MTF belt conveyors allows a continuously variable negative (NL) and positive (PL) angle and height adjustment; in all three versions: NL, PL and ZL.

The outstanding manufacturing quality of all MTF Technik products becomes evident here:

  • Bend covers are made from solid plastic-coated cast aluminium parts
  • Optimum sealing effect between belt cover and belt body
  • Hopper attachment integrated to the bend cover for the flat belt area
  • Resulting smooth transition between the flat belt and steep belt sections
MTF Technik - Knick oberes Bandende

Knick oberes Bandende

The bend at the top belt end ensures a flowing transition between flat belt and steep belt in the PL and ZL versions.

MTF Technik - Knickabdeckungen bei Winkelbändern

Knickabdeckungen bei Winkelbändern

The bend covers for angled conveyors belts from MTF Technik are made from solid plastic-coated aluminium cast parts.