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Buffering Solution in Freezer Cell for Medical Parts

Task: Transport and buffering of medical articles in freezer cell

  • Vaccines are packed into small blisters in a cleanroom class ISO 5 From there they should be transported through a wall into a freezer cell with -20°C

  • The wall opening should be minimized

  • In the freezer cell the blisters should be evenly distributed on four containers

  • To ensure that the products quickly freeze to the core the containers should be filled in even layers without material cones

  • The parts must not be damaged or fall off the conveyors

  • Before the parts are transferred through the wall it must be possible to collect parts for quality assurance

  • The rooms are cleaned regularly with special detergents and treated with gas. The material of the system must be persistent against these media

Solution: Small conveyor belts in special design with distribution switch

  • MTF I-Tech small conveyors in special design for blister transport

  • All components made of stainless steel or anodized aluminium

  • Special belts on the conveyors with a temperature resistance up to -30°C with a rough surface to avoid parts sticking to the belt

  • Transfer conveyor through the wall can be moved longitudinal between cleanroom and freezer cell. The conveyor can be removed completely in order to shut the hole in the wall for gas treatment and disinfection

  • Pneumatic distribution chutes at the outlet of the transfer conveyor through the wall in order to divide the material flow on two conveyors which can be moved longitudinally above the containers

  • Electric linear axis with 12 Stop-Positions in combination with pneumatic chutes at the outlets of the moveable conveyors allow 24 deposit positions for perfect distribution of the material within the boxes

Watch the device in action

Application Video: Buffering solution for medical parts in an deep-freeze area