Buffering Parts on a Round Table (Food Packaging)

MTF Technik - Buffering Parts on a Round Table (Food Packaging)

Task: Intermediate buffering of pet food

  • Packed pet food (dog chew) shall be buffered after leaving a packaging machine

  • Afterwards the packagings are picked off manually and packed into cardboard boxes

  • Packing units as well cycle times of the packaging machine vary from product to product

Solution: Rotary table in stainless steel with control unit

  • A turntable with a stainless steel plate of Ø 1.200mm and 40mm lateral guide

  • Drive realised by a motor with planetary gear and high torque, frequency converter to adjust the speed to the flow rate

  • Swivel mounted arm to guide the parts into the middle of the turntable to optimise use of space

  • Carriage adjustable to different heights