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Small Conveyor with Kevlar Belt and Central Drive

Task: Cooling conveyor belt for the food industry

  • Extruded pet food (dog chew) shall be conveyed into a cooling tunnel

  • Product temperature approx. 120°C

  • The conveyor has to be according to FDA since for pet food the same rules as for all other kind of food apply

  • Lightweight design, solid and moveable frame since for changeovers at the extruder the unit has to be replaced frequently.

  • The used belt as well as the construction of the frame has to permit a circulation of steam

  • At the belt inlet the conveyor has to be placed as closed as possible to the extruder head

  • At the belt outlet the product has to be passed on to an existing cooling belt, without extending the extruded stripes too much

  • The belt speed has to be continuously adjustable from 4 to 24 m/min according to the manufactured product

Solution: Small conveyor belt with cooling function in food-compliant design

  • A specially aligned I-Tech conveyor according to FDA

  • All rollers from stainless steel, all other elements either anodized aluminium, synthetic material or stainless steel

  • Center drive and both sided knife edge (Ø 32mm) at belt in- and outlet

  • Frequency converter for continuously adjustable belt speed

  • Special Kevlar grid (belt) with mesh opening of 4 x 4mm. The carrying run is a perforated sheet of stainless steel. Hence the steam can circulate easily.