Vertical Conveyor PLF-Special 90° for Medical Parts

Task: Vertical transport of medical technology articles

  • Medical plastic parts have to be transported vertically after an assembly machine in order to cross an aisle

  • At the outlet of the conveyor the parts must be guided into the hopper of the following packaging machine

  • The system has to be installed in a cleanroom ISO class 8

  • The parts are very sensitive and must not be damaged during the transport process

Solution: Vertical conveyor belt with cover and pipe system

  • Positively angled conveyor type PLF-Special with 90° angle

  • Special inlet hopper, adapted to the outlet of the assembly machine

  • Lateral guiding made of stainless steel, mounted in a special way without screw heads or any disturbing edges

  • Conveyor top cover made of PET

  • Conveyor bottom cover made of anodized aluminium

  • Jacob tube system for part guiding into the next process

  • Special carriage to build an aisle